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I am sitting at my kitchen table, drinking coffee, listening to my girls not take a nap and scrolling through ideas for future projects. The weather today calls for flurries all day and 15*.

I started this interior design business to do what I love the most. I love taking a room and transforming it to function better, to be pretty and to make you say wow! It can be as easy as moving current pieces around, painting a room or completely starting from the beginning.

One of my favorite and easiest ways to spruce up your kitchen table, island or coffee table is the decor you have on it. I like to use decorative plates with flowers and small accent pieces.

This plate below is Chrissy Teigan for Target. It can be used as a decor piece because it's so pretty and also as a serving platter. Having versatile pieces in your home is the best!

I love this sleigh travels each year from my mantel, to kitchen table to coffee table this year. It is quite versatile and one of my favorite winter pieces! It can start in December with Christmas decorations and end in March when the Easter decorations go up.

Sprucing up table decor is quick and easy! I am here to help in person (locally) and virtually if you're not!


Lauren Michelle

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