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Updated: Oct 22, 2020



This project was a great one to be part of. Not only was it for a very dear friend, but the end result was just beautiful! The space is in an office complex and was very outdated. It had natural wood everywhere and was very tan... We needed a full refresh and bring it all up to date. The owner decided to take the loft area, where he would be able to have more space for a big desk and conference table for meetings. It was such a great idea.



The owners loft had the most work... originally the loft had VERY old windows looking down to the first floor. They ended up coming out for brand new windows that will not only be able to open and get some air, but also close for privacy. We also had a wall put up to allow for a door to be put in at the top of the stairs. I went with a very pale grey color for the walls and dark brown furniture and a grey couch to bring in the neutral colors.



The first floor is where all the employees desks are. The reception desk is a dream. I went with a dark navy for the front and the drawers with a maganite counter top to look like marble. It is a stunning sight to see when you first walk in to the office building. The floor goes with the same theme for a marble like hexagon tile. This tile is from Home Depot and hands down one of the most gorgeous tile I have ever seen or worked with. I have all intentions on using this tile anywhere in my house as well, it's just so pretty. The walls are a light blue to create a nice soothing work environment. Through the hallway there is a bathroom where the hexagon tiles were used again and pulled out the old vanity to replace it with a Dove Grey and white new vanity and new toilet. Next was the kitchen where old cabinets were ripped out to be replaced with white shaker cabinets and the same maganite countertop. Maganite is a material used in offices. Using quartz or granite could be a little bit much for an office, so this office grade is great for many people using it throughout the day. The color picked is to resemble marble and gives it that luxurious feel. The offices were a shade darker with the same blue family. I did not decorate the offices, as I like ot elt the employees make it there own, since they are spending the most time in it.



The basement houses storage and the conference room. Since it didn't have tile or wood flooring and was laminate, we ripped up the old dirty laminate and replaced it with carpet tiles in charcoal. The walls were painted white to make it not feel like a dark basement. The other room in the basement is the conference room. The conference table is an oak color with navy chairs, so the most out of the box color for this office was a very light olive green. It is a gorgeous color and such a different color for an office building but with the conference table, navy chairs and charcoal tiles, it all came together to a beautiful space to hold meetings with your staff.



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