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Hello Everyone!

my favorite holiday is Halloween, I love haunted houses, being scared and costumes. when it comes to decorating my home, Christmas is where I shine. The smells, the feels, the glitter....ahhh, THE GLITTER! The BEST part. Especially in 2020 getting excited about the little wins is really exciting. Will we all be together for the holidays? I don’t know. Will Christmas look different? Probably. Will my

house sparkle and shine a little extra this year? SURE WILL! decorating for the holidays can be daunting for some people, but take it one room at a once and Take. Your. Time. I cannot stress that enough. Holiday decorating isn’t a sprint, it doesn’t need to be perfectly completed in a couple hours. It takes me a weekend to a week to get it just right and things still move throughout the entire month of December. I am very much looking forward to being home and enjoying decorations all day and not just for a few hours at night. Although, the twinkle tree lights after the kids go to bed is the so nice to enjoy. A glass of wine with the hubby, making him admire my lights and decor night after night until January. We have places here where I get fresh garland, wreaths and pointsettias. Each year it’s different, some years it was white pointsettias and good, other years it’s red and silver. This year I am focusing on red and green. My kids are getting older and its all red & green, which I am a-okay with!

My advice for anyone starting to think of holiday is to start your planning now. If you have or want multiple trees, wreaths, which doors, lights inside and outside. This is where it starts to get daunting for some people, start slow, start with your main room. Where is your main tree going to be? That’s the most important room. That room is your focus And in my opinion, done first. Start with your main room and decide on a color scheme... greens and golds, silver and white, red and green? You can also look at blush and a mint green. There are so many variations of red and green that can blend in to your home for a beautiful look. Make sure to go through your decorations before you start decorating. See what you want the look to be and what you will need to add. I have a habit of buying sale decorations in January, forgetting about them and then being SHOCKED when I start decorating. So, from experience, look through your stuff!

All the Holiday items hit the website on Friday November 13 and I am so excited to share with you!

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