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As the holidays start to get closer, making sure you have gifts for everyone on your list begins to loom over you. With 2020 being such a...different year. Purchasing gifts early is going to be the way to go. FedEx, UPS and the USPS are already lagging with deliveries, so getting a jump start is going to be (hopefully) less stressful. The Boutique has great options for friends, family, hostess gifts, coworkers, pollyanna and white elephant gifts.

These white tea cups with a gold handle are the cutest and paired with a mini candle will make a beautiful hostess gift. It is also fun to pick their favorite alcohol to add a nice personal touch.

Another great gift option is the test tube vases. These vases are moveable, gold and glass. They would be a nice gift for a scientist. The test tubes are very pretty and can be in a straight line or bunches together which makes it a wonderful addition to your home.

The Cozy Box is another great gift. It includes the blush throw that is big enough to snuggle with yourself and another, the get cozy mug, the sweater weather candle and the gorgeous hexagon marble coasters. It is a great cozy set for yourself or for someone else. The blush throw is the softest (faux) fur and the mug not only holds a large amount of coffee, but I have also had soup out of one! The sweater weather candle is such a wonderful smell of crisp woodsy air and fall spices.

The candles are hand-poured in Pittsburgh, Pa and I am so excited to have a Pennsylvania company as a vendor.

Last but not least on this post is the wine, champagne, split and slim can clutches! Once I saw these I had to have them for the Boutique. Not only are they such a clever idea, but they are even more beautiful in person. It is a very different way to head over to a BYOB, a hostess gift, a co-worker gift or for friends and family. Fill it with their favorite beverage and send it on it's way! I also include a little card with every clutch in case you want to keep the giving going. I grew up with a silly Halloween tradition of "you've been boo'ed". For those of you who have never heard of this you fill a bag of candy, put it on your neighbor's porch, ring the doorbell and run away! The bag included candy, treats and a sign you put in your window that said "we've been boo'ed" and around the neighborhood it went! It was a fun tradition as a child, so I am recreating it as an adult with these adorable clutches! One person buys the bag, puts a bottle inside with the little note and surprises a friend or family with it and then that family returns the favor with another friends or family. Would you be able to make it through the entire year passing the clutch? I challenge you!

More gift ideas are on the way, so check back!

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