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Pantry Organization

One project I am floored to be halfway through is a brand new pantry. It is needed and will be amazing. It is in our home, which consists of two little people who have arts and crafts ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE! So not only will it be used for food storage, small appliance storage, it will also be used to store and organize crayons, markers, paint, play-doh, etc... It is the most exciting part of the entire project. I don't know if anyone else has this problem as well, coloring books are scattered everywhere because they jump from one to another? Is is just my kids? I purchased the greatest containers from Target for them. I need to stock up on more, the girls are able to open and close them by themselves, which is great and are not too big and heavy that they are able to carry them back to where they are supposed to belong.

6 qt. Storage Containers from Target $5.98

The pretty blush color is also a hit in our house of mostly girls! Another section within the pantry will be for school and after nap snacks. I have been sourcing high and low for clear bins. I can find ones that are terribly expensive and the way they are going to be treated... I can't justify the price. I have heard Walmart and Dollar Tree might have what I am looking for, so I will keep you posted on that! Another element is air tight storage containers. I am moving all my flour, sugar (white and brown) out of my kitchen and in to the pantry. I wish I used them enough to keep them right in reach, but sadly... I don't. I love the OXO brand and yes, they are pricey, but they hold up! We have had one for over 8 years and it is just starting to lose it's push button.

OXO Assorted Containers Bed Bath and Beyond $80 (after 20% Coupon)

Another level will be wicker baskets. Once the shelves go up, I will look for the right size needed. I really like the idea of storing cans (mostly La Croix water) in these baskets. We don't usually have soda in our house, but I cannot live with bubbles, so there is always some form of Seltzer or flavored seltzer in our home. One of my favorite photos while sourcing Pinterest is below. I love the rainbow of the snacks. Our oldest has been learning the colors of the rainbows, so this will be a big hit! I want to stick with more of the airtight containers, but the clear containers for snacks is great so they kids can't tell you "MOM!!! I don't see it!"

Another great Pantry picture for inspiration with all the glass and plastic containers.

Pantries are great because they are able to be as big as you can or a floor cabinet. It is designed the way you need it. There are so many great options to help with organization. It is going to be great and I can't wait to share the final product with all of you!


Lauren Michelle

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